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Scorpion Control Las Vegas, ’tis the Season

las vegas scorpion named sin city

When is scorpion pest season in Las Vegas?

Scorpion pest season in Las Vegas begins shortly after Groundhog Day and peaks in the summer. Scorpions can multiply at their leisure, for their evolutionary design provides a wonderful safety net for reproduction. After mating, scorpion females can store the sperm in their bodies for use later on. Subsequently, she’ll not have the deep desire to mate again until her sperm load is depleted. Urbanized scorpions are particularly proactively reproducing at undetectable rates, likely due to plentiful food and shelter amongst humans. As with many living creatures, reproduction is the ultimate goal in life. That’s why spring and summertime is the season for scorpions pest control in Las Vegas

Google Trends shows the spike in scorpion control is a repeating pattern, decades old. It emphasizes the importance of having regular scheduled pest control, especially in our desert metropolis. When peak scorpion season arrives, everyone is dialing the exterminator. For this reason, the workload is bottlenecked, and customers have to wait longer than usual, else pay the emergency price. 

google trends for scorpion control las vegas
Interest in scorpion control in Las Vegas compared to nationwide. Top 5 states with high demand for scorpion pests control.

How do Scorpions affect Las Vegas?

Scorpions can impact our lives in ways we haven’t thought of. During spring and summer, this species goes through a synchronized birthing phase called synchrony, where the females give birth at generally the same period. During scorpion season, babies are born, and mama is extra hungry with a dozen mouths to feed. This is the time you should be extra vigilant when digging the soil or shuffling around old boxes. Flower pots are popular scorpion hideouts. At the same time, be aware of the types of predators that seek scorpions for meals, like the scolopendra or the tarantula. 

During peak pest season in Las Vegas, the service lines are bottlenecked because there’s an influx of interest in pest control. Summer months exterminators are on a tight schedule, and new clients are difficult to fit in. For this reason, early spring is the best time to arrange a general pest control service to prevent any outbreak. 

How to stay ahead of Las Vegas scorpion season?

las vegas scorpion named sin cityScorpions camouflage in soil and love to stow away under gravel and lawn decorations. Their habit is to hunt nocturnally, a juicy spider being a favorite of their meals. You would hardly notice them there unless doing deep cleaning or gardening. Scorpions got there in the first place is because of the lack of preventive pest control maintenance. 

Insects like cockroaches, scorpions, and centipedes will invade our space eventually unless we set boundaries. Pest Pros general pest control services will cover your preventive pest control needs for fourteen months. With regular pest maintenance, you won’t have to worry about scorpions during any season. 

*Available for residential and commercial properties in Las Vegas only.

Pest Pro’s general pest control service is an efficient prevention method for scorpions, plus 100s other native pests. And it’s the most gentle on your wallet. Because ideally, it is best to prevent and not be surprised by scorpions after the fact. Registering for scheduled maintenance that covers your premises throughout the year is the most economical and effective solution for scorpions and all arachnids. 

Encountering scorpions in your home means it’s time to analyze your situation. Call your favorite pest control company and let us know how we can help. 


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