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FAQs About Pest Control in Las Vegas

Frequently asked questions about Pest Pros Las Vegas and about pest control services in general.

What does our pest control company do?

1. General pest control maintenance. It’s an ongoing pest control procedure, every two months, to exterminate and prevent 100+ household pests. 
2. Commercial pest control. Like General Service, but serving all types of businesses, like restaurants, motels, hotels, and apartments. 
3. We specialize as an exterminator company for the following pests: Rodents (rats, mice), Bed bugs, Bees, Scorpions, and German cockroaches.
4. Remove, clean, and install preventive pigeon control systems for rooftops, ledges, and solar panels (i.e., solar mesh, pigeon spikes).pigeon control with solar mesh

How long do pesticides last?

The effectiveness of pesticides is relative to the place and the area’s climate and environment. There are various elements associated with a home and a business. Because rain, heat, and snow all affect the pesticide lifespan. Even so, Pest Pros guarantees your complete satisfaction and will honor a pest-free warranty up to 60 days after every service. 

What locations do you provide pest control services?

Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas are our primary routes. However, our services expand to the greater valley of Las Vegas when distance and time are acceptable. Don’t hesitate to inquire anywhere you live in The Las Vegas Valley.

How can I get rid of bees myself?

Bees are too many and too unpredictable. When removing a bee colony, you need to remove the hive with the queen in particular. Without proper equipment, the DIY removal of bees is dangerous and improbable. We highly recommend hiring a professional bee exterminator. They have the expertise and equipment necessary to take care of the problem quickly and safely.

Do you remove wildlife like snakes, raccoons, and opossums?

We are strictly a pest control company and do not handle wildlife animals, such as raccoons or snakes. For wildlife animal control in Las Vegas, we recommend Nevada Wildlife Control. 

How can I identify a pest infestation?

All pests have a propensity to hide, making them mostly invisible. However, they do leave evidence like rat droppings, pigeon poop, sheddings and exoskeletons of scorpions and cockroaches, dust-like feces of the bed bug, hives of wasps, and swarms of bees. bed bug exterminator las vegas

How much does a pest control plan cost?

General pest control services for residents and commercial properties start at $60 every 60 days. Year-round coverage, cost average is approximately $360 for broadspectrum pest extermination and prevention for your home and business.

What does an ongoing pest control plan include?

We guarantee pest control effectiveness up to 60 days after the service. The annual pest control plan guarantees a pest-free environment for 18 months. 

What is the best way to contact your pest control company?

Our most efficient method is for the customer to send an email with images and descriptions of the pest control service they require. Email your address and leave us a number to call you and GPS coordinates if convenient. With all this information, our team has the details to review and will call you back immediately. We generally will reply within the hour. 

Do you have a 24-hour service?

Although we can receive your inquiry 24-hours, our teams and vehicles will only be active during the day.bee-exterminator-las-vegas

Does your pest control company come with recommendations?

We take our customer’s satisfaction seriously. For this reason, hundreds of satisfied clients have reviewed us on Google My Business (Maps), Facebook, and Yelp! 

Is your pest control company licensed and insured?

We are an insured and registered business with a pest control license issued by the Nevada Department of Agriculture. 

Do you have a referral program or any commission-based affiliate program for your pest control business?

1. For referrals, we give you credit for the general pest control service. Read this page for updated information: Affordable Pest Control Offer
2. We currently do not give commission-based affiliate payouts. However, if the volume of pest control services is extensive, we’ll gladly discount our services.

Where can I find Pest Pros on social networks?

Pest Pros Las Vegas is active on Google My Business (Maps), Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Yelp! general pest control service for commercial property

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