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Commercial Pest Control Las Vegas

Who needs Commercial Pest Control services?

Commercial pest control is available to any business and institution in Las Vegas. Naturally, all distinguished businesses desire to maintain a world-class reputation. One criterion is not to be the host of a pest infestation.  Insects and dirty animals running around your place of operation could suddenly turn a peevish customer against you. At the same time, social sharing could do irreparable damage. In addition, Nevada’s health inspectors will shut down pest-infested businesses on any surprise visit. 

Get ahead of these issues by providing your customers and employees with a safe, pest-free environment. Pest Pros can offer the most economical deal on your commercial pest control need. Whether you are a hotel in need of a bed bug exterminator or a restaurant infested with cockroaches and rats, we are your most affordable and eco-friendly solution. 

Why choose Pest Pros as your Commercial Pest Control Management?

We are a professional commercial pest control company in Las Vegas. We have over 20 years of experience serving the needs of businesses and organizations. During this time, we have serviced these types of establishments: office buildings, storefronts, apartment complexes, motels, casinos, spas, resorts, real estate agencies, property developers, solar installers, landscaping companies, Air BnB hosts. Virtually any commercial property gets infiltrated by pests, especially if that property has been sitting dormant for long periods or has plenty of scraps for food.

Pest Pros has made commercial pest control affordable, no matter the size of your extermination and prevention requirements. Allow us to service your commercial property will guarantee a flexible service schedule and a solid warranty. Our company is also negotiable in price when the workload is expansive. Call our office at 702-969-7767 for consultation. We’ll put together a perfect treatment plan for your business.

General Pests

What is the process of Commercial Pest Control Service?

Commercial pest control is unique for every business, yet, it is not required for commerce to stop as we provide the service. First, send us some information regarding your current needs for pest control, and we will plan together with you. You can initiate the conversation through our contact page. Whether it is a specific pest or routine general service, we strive to satisfy by being the most economically efficient commercial pest control specialist in Las Vegas.

How is commercial pest control priced?

Our startup price for commercial pest control includes up to 3000sq feet of interior space and 0.5 acres for outdoor service. An expanded service area will incur an additional $20 per 1000sq feet. You can select 1-treatment, 3-treatments, or 6-treatment options. To get the most affordable price for pest control, we highly recommend scheduled maintenance because it is the way to a pest-free business environment.

We recognize property management will need the most economical and efficient price. Apartments, hotels, and institutions with a capacity for multiple work orders will receive an additional discount, considered on an individual basis.

Commercial Pest Control Price

Tri-Pro Initial Service

60 Day Guarantee
$ 100 First Service. 60 day guarantee.
  • New clients receive our Triple Protection Initial Service
  • 60 day guarantee after each service
  • Fence line, foundation & interior dusting.
    Indoor & outdoor treatment targeting all general pests
  • Price breakdown of only $50 per month!

No Contract

60 Day guarantee
$ 80 Per treatment. Every 60 days.
  • After Tri-Pro initial service, continue for $80 per treatment, every 60 days. No commitment needed.
  • 60 Day guarantee after each service
  • Indoor & outdoor treatment targeting all general pests
  • Price breakdown of only $40 per month!
short term

6 Services
+ 1 Free

1 Year Guarantee
$ 60 Per treatment. Every 60 days.
  • After Tri-Pro initial service, 6 treatment program. $60 every 60 days.
  • 60 Day guarantee after each service
  • Indoor & outdoor treatment targeting all general pests
  • Locked in pricing and scheduling
    Price breakdown of only $30 per month!
best value

Are the pesticide and your pest control method safe for my products?

We follow foods safety regulations and keep updated on changes in our industry. Every product we implement is because of its proven safety and effectiveness. The odorless pesticide used will only affect the bugs that we target. 

How can my business prepare in advance prior to pest control service?

We use human-friendly treatment systems so that customers don’t run away at the sight of the pest-buster guy. Once you’ve decided on the type of pest control you need, please make sure the areas are easily accessible by the techs to move in and work. In the meantime, always keep the environment clean, sealed and dry.

General Pests

What does Exterior Treatment involve?

Our initial external treatment will exterminate pests immediately. Afterwhich the residue of our products will keep the bugs out. A typical service consists of applying 4 gallons of liquid product around the property. In addition, we will distribute 1lb of humidity-activated granules under rocks and lawn as the method of extended protection against an outbreak. Even more, our technicians will dust off the visible cobwebs along the walls and ceilings and provide you with a full yard inspection. If we notice something like an anthill or wasp nest, we will treat it accordingly for free.

Exterior Treatment Includes:

What does Interior Treatment involve?

Rest assured that Pest Pros applies only the safest products and methods. Your pets are safe, and so are every human living in the space. A standard interior service would only require a light spot treatment at entry points (doors, windows, sliders, etc.) We focus on baseboard treatment by lightly misting open flooring and baseboards throughout the residence. Some properties may need in-wall injections, baits, dust, aerosols, or even more sophisticated methods, depending on the level of infestation. We include all of these tactical methods with the initial General Pest Control Service procedure.

Summary and Guarantee:

We will thoroughly treat the entire property on the initial visit, outdoors and indoors. As a result of being thorough, the reported problems will quickly vanish from your property. Approximately 30 or 60 days later, we will contact you to confirm the schedule for an exterior treatment. Consistently maintaining the property pest will ensure that bugs keep their distance. Customer safety and a pest-free environment for every client is our goal. Clients’ complete satisfaction is our guarantee.

Commercial Pest Control Specialist

Our general service covers most bug issues. However, you might be dealing with a specialty problem, like bed bugs and German cockroaches. These issues require a specific treatment plan and cost. Click on the links below for more info on your specialty service.

Save Money with these Special Offers

6 Service Program

Sign up for 6 scheduled general service treatments and receive the 7th service free!

7th Service Free

$20 Referral Credit

Refer a friend that signs up for our 6 service program and you’ll receive a $20 service credit to your account. Must mention at time of signup.

$10 Autopay Credit

First time customers that setup autopay on their account will receive a $10 service credit. Must mention at time of signup. 

$5 Review Credit

Mention our Yelp or Google reviews upon signup and receive a $5 credit to your account. Must mention at the time of signup. 

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