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How do you get bed bugs?

Bed Bug

Many households with bedbugs are not aware of an infestation taking place. Like getting bit by a mosquito, some people can’t feel a thing while others experience a type of flareup that makes it appear as though an army of bees had attacked. We can suppose that is the process of evolution because some people are just immune to things while others do not. Regardless of which symptoms you experience, Bed Bugs are pests we must be concerned about, particularly in homes that have utilized the same mattresses for years. It is additionally critical if the mattress has never moved or been treated at all.  

Modern mattresses are bulky and can hardly be moved, even by two adults. That is one reason we have no desire to take it out and give it a beating the old-fashioned way, even though we know it would be of great help. It works in the same way as hang-out the blanket to soak in the radiance of the sun. The heat and radiation would destroy just about any infestation that has taken hold. But since our boxsprings are hardly liftable, what else can we do to eliminate all the bed bugs and microorganisms that are breeding in our beds? 

It is common knowledge that bed bugs were once on the brink of extinction in the 1950s. However, today we have the highest numbers in history. This is due to the increase in population, advancements in travel, and multi-housing dwellings. Suppose we can use the analogy that bed bugs are infectious diseases because they are transferable, like the infamous Covid. Once a kid brings a bug home from a sleepover, the spreading of the bed bug is contagious within the household, just like some bacterial and viral infections. First, it breeds in the child’s bed, then the kid comes to hang out on the adults’ bed, and soon the household is infested with thousands of bed bugs and eggs, and nymphs, all within a few short weeks.

But we should not blame the kid, or the family your child has managed to transport the bed bugs from. It is frankly difficult to discuss with the folks whom you believe are the cause. So we fiercely recommend diplomacy and not being accusatory, especially have little to no evidence to back your claim. And before you come to any conclusion, you may be interested to know that there are many ways bed bugs could have invaded your space. The most common pattern is they will catch a ride home with you in luggage, backpacks, purses, clothing, and other personal materials. Since bed bugs share the space on which you sleep, it is also feasible they could catch a ride home in your mop of hair (sorry, we don’t know what type of hair you have, just a guess). It is worth noting that their eggs and nymphs are barely 1-millimeter in size (take a #2 pencil and make a dot– that size). These meddlesome pests are not unlike lice in that once they cling onto you, and you allow it enough time and space to reproduce, then breed and breed it will. 

Keep in mind other causes imply similar symptoms as the bed bugs’ bites. According to a well-established source, Bed Bugs Limited, UK, parasites like mites, head bugs, and fleas, even ants can easily cause our immune system to fire up the overdrive when histamines unleash (checkout what WebMD says about this topic). Without training, it would be worth your investment to hire a professional like Pest Pros Las Vegas to investigate. We are the experts– the exterminator with the tools. 

Be cautious and take preventive measures to avoid places that may have a bed bug infestation. Refrain from visiting friends or relatives if they are currently under bed bug control. If you live in an apartment, find out if your neighbors are dealing with the problem. And always do a personal bed bug inspection before you sleep in a hotel or at-risk environment. If you find bed bugs in your home, you can get rid of them the old-fashion way, or contact us. We give free consultations.  

The treatment procedure we utilize is routine to us, and it is also economical and effective. We guarantee your complete satisfaction. We must also inform you that it’s virtually impossible to rid bed bugs in one treatment because once they feed, they stray all over the place, even in the back of your closet. They seemingly go on vacation until hunger strikes again. These bed bugs can survive the first treatment and hide for many more months without feeding. For this reason, we always recommend our customers be part of an ongoing treatment plan to ensure the bed bugs colony is exterminated in its entirety. 


Bed Bug

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