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How to identify bedbugs and what to do about them

Bedbugs, once associated with crowded and dirty living quarters, have become a more widespread problem in recent years. They can be found anywhere – from public transportation to nice hotels. Like most unwelcome guests, they are notoriously difficult to get rid of.
These bloodsucking beasties live anywhere humans live. Although they can feed on other mammals and birds, they prefer human blood. They are wingless, red to reddish-brown, with a flat oval body that is slightly less than 1/4-inch long. Although their size makes them easy to identify, they are good at hiding if you’re not looking for them. Usually, the first sign of a bedbug problem is the appearance of red, itchy bites hours after exposure. Sensitive individuals can develop severe dermatitis from these bites, resulting in a painful, itchy, persistent rash. READ MORE at MercuryNews.com

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