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If Rodents Settle into a Storage Unit, Who’s Responsible for Damage?

Steps to take if you find damage

If you find damage, says there are some steps you could take. Hodges said consumers should notify the storage unit and follow up in writing by certified mail. Include photos with the letter.

If there’s a health or safety concern, let local code enforcement know.

Hodges said, “If there’s nothing that can help you in the contract, sometimes being a squeaky wheel can get you some redress.”

Hodges also recommends insurance. In fact, Morelan’s rental agreement said insurance is required to store anything.

You can buy coverage through your homeowners or renters insurance policy, but the policy must specify if it covers pests. Some may limit coverage.

The brochure for Public Storage’s in-house insurance company said it covers vermin damage – up to $250 minus a $100 deductible.

Morelan said she had coverage on her storage unit through her homeowner’s insurance, but learned it excluded animal damage.


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