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Why fear rats?

why to fear rats

Should you be fearful of rats? According to the CDC, rodents can transmit many diseases through direct contact and secondary transmissions. In 2018, researchers in Hong Kong discovered Hepatitis infections associated with rat contaminated drinking water. Throughout history, these furry pests have been linked to ravaging plagues. Street rats and mice are profoundly threatening to the public health of our cities. 

Las Vegas is a densely populated area vulnerable to widespread contagious diseases. This has given Pest Pros Las Vegas cause to be even more determined to eradicate the rodent infestations around our communities. But we can’t do it alone. We need you to enlist us to exterminate and guard your property against their rapid expansion. Don’t forget– rodents are professionals at finding a way into your home where they can stay hidden for months before you have any suspicion. By then, they’ve already found a cozy spot in the garage and have properly reproduced dozens more offspring. On the conservative side, one female rat or mouse can produce 60 pups per year. Each pup matures and reproduces within 3 months. Unrestrained, our city will be overwhelmed with disease-infested rodents, scavenging the sewers and carrying disease into your home. Find out how you can get involved by following the link in our profile. why to fear rats

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