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Las Vegas Pest Control to Prevent Health Code Violations for Restaurants

restaurant inspection grade

When to expect a health inspection of a restaurant in Las Vegas?

You should expect a health inspection of your restaurant at least once a year. The reason is for the interest of public health and safety. They do so unannounced and led by EHS staff who will conduct a critical review of your food and drink services. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the five factors that the inspector will assess are as follows:

  • Employee Hygiene and Health
  • Tainted Equipment
  • Food from an Unsafe Source
  • Holding Temperatures and Cooling Practices
  • Inadequate Cooking

restaurant inspection grade

It goes without saying that food and safety health inspection includes spot checks for potentially disease-spreading pests like cockroaches and mice. As you may well be aware– virtually all pests will contaminate foods and equipment. For this reason, an investigator will survey equipment, storage, and the entire property for signs of bug infestation. 

For a reliable checklist for the upkeep of restaurants per public health concerns, review this Health Inspection checklist. 

Health inspections are posted online around 5 business days following the assessment. These public records give an overview depicting the inspector’s appraisal. If the establishment is infested with pests, you can anticipate a lock-down order immediately. Shutdown orders happen regularly in Las Vegas. This is due to most restaurants taking pest control into their own hands. While your effort is honorable, the pests, however, have evolved to be invisible to the untrained eye. 

Health violations will weaken your reputation as a business, particularly now that the public is immediately aware of any Dirty-Dining” restaurants. Assuming that your restaurant is interested in the upkeep of your establishment, it is recommended that food establishments subscribe to a local pest control service. Preventive pest control is an ongoing process and should be implemented throughout the years, on a bi-monthly basis. Las Vegas restaurants and pubs can refer to our commercial pest control service page. 

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