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Real estate agents and pest control

las vegas real estate pest controlThe real-estate company that most of us desire are the ones that take care of the little details. We don’t mean the usual things like a colorful garden or the well-trimmed lawn or a fresh coat of paint on the living room walls. We want all those things, and a bit more. We want a pest-free home too! We don’t want to stumble upon a cockroach when viewing our dream home and we definitely don’t want to discover an infestation a month or two after we move in. Yes, we know we can always do those things ourselves after we buy the house, but since you’re responsible for that first impression, wouldn’t it be better for everyone if the pest never reared its ugly face in the first place? It’s more cost-effective to treat the property for potential threats from pests than it is to recover from it. Pest control should be a type of preventive medicine. This is the reason why real estate agents and property managers should have a pest control company on their top 10 contact list. Once we buy and move into our home, the first year should be a pest-free experience and it should be the obligation of the real estate agent to ensure that we the home buyer shall be comfortable in our investment, as long as possible, and happily ever after.

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