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Pigeon-proof your solar panels on initial install

solar panel pigeon proofing

solar panel pigeon proofingWouldn’t it be great if pigeon-proofing were already prepackaged with your solar-system setup? Do you know of any solar companies that will do this? We don’t either, and we’re not sure why. It should be mandatory to have pigeon-guards installed on solar panels because there is no other way to keep these destructive birds away. If you have solar panels installed on your rooftop, it may be worth your while to consider for these reasons. 

Pigeons never clean up. They roost in their poop, year after year. On the surface of the solar panels, numerous splatters of bird droppings will significantly reduce your solar production because the rays of the sun are not penetrating through the layers of poop. Under the panels, where the pigeons create their nest, there is a plethora of messiness to contend with. All the nesting material they gather accumulates to the point where it becomes attractive for other animals, like squirrels, lizards, mice, and various formidable pests like the beetle. All these objectionable critters have the tendency to nibble on wire insulation. Before you know it the solar system is fried. Kaput. And there’s an electrocuted animal on the roof rotting away under the panels and attracting more parasites. 

You could avoid all this from the start. Ask your solar installer to call us. We are the premier pigeon-proof solar guard contractor in Las Vegas. We would be delighted to make your acquaintance. 

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