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Rodent Control Surging in Las Vegas

rodent control surging in las vegas
Rodent extermination calls have been inundating the pest control phone lines in major metropolises around the globe, including our beloved Las Vegas. Recent studies reveal a substantial increase in mice and rat infestations year-over-year. In places like London, a spike in rodent control services has increased nearly 100% based on the same month of the previous year. In New York, social distancing and lockdowns have caused rats to become ever more aggressive, resulting in residents being fearful around their neighborhoods. This recent influx has caused scientists to believe rats are starving. Because foods in commercial areas have decreased, rodents are more prevalent in residential areas than before. One home plumbing company has reported sewer rats chewing through pipes to get into our house because the food source is scarce. In the Big Apple, rat emergency calls have spiked 74% since the pandemic. On The Strip, the scenario is just as dismal.

We’re seemingly living in an era of a peculiar rodent expansion. Considering street rats are capable of spreading disease, residents of every city in the world should be cautious and take action. We want to take preventive measures to deter pests in our communities. One step towards that goal is to take pest control seriously. A rule of thumb is when you see one rat rummaging through your neighborhood trash, expect a colony is nearby. A single rodent plays a role in the reproduction process, considering a pair can breed several dozen offspring within twelve months. If you do the math, a couple of rats or mice can multiply into a thousand offspring within a year. For this reason, we recommend discussing neighborhood rodent prevention with your Home Owner’s Association and getting a rodent pest control program in place. 

rodent control with baitHow do rodents affect Las Vegas residences? 

Besides the risk of disease, rodents spread parasites like fleas and ticks. They naturally attract other pests like mosquitoes. In turn, fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes can cause other health problems. Due to this, rodents have been a factor in pandemics throughout history. This dilemma gives reason for us to fight back fiercely, for what comes with increased numbers is the higher risk of disease outbreaks. And because street rats love blending with the human inhabitants so much, we should anticipate their population will only grow proportionately to our own. Fortunately, rodent-control innovation is readily available to prevent infestations from getting worse.  Extermination should be our primary objective, but it’s ultimately up to the property owners of Las Vegas. Many people choose to go about rodent control on their own. While this is valiant, the same people probably don’t realize rodents are more intelligent than they appear. Traps and baits set out by the untrained are usually ineffective. To exterminate rodents, we must take time to investigate and learn and recalibrate our methods. A trained rat control expert will have the proper tactics and foresight to get to the root cause.  Contact Pest Pros Las Vegas for free consultation. 

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