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Dirty Dining Las Vegas 2022, PPLV Insight

Dirty Dining Las Vegas, avoid being the target

Dirty Dining Las Vegas 2022, Insight from the perspective of pest control. 

Dirty dining in Las Vegas is an impactful event and a weekly recurrence that raises questions. Understandably, no restaurant wants to be forcefully shut down, and no health inspector wants to order a business to close. Because they only do it when the risk to public health is imminent, it makes us wonder why it happens so often. According to our best record of Dirty Dining in Las Vegas, health inspection shutdown of restaurants is persistent, occurring at least once a week. Somewhere in our beloved metropolis, there’s a film crew out capturing the moment and the reaction of restaurant owners receiving the red card, and receiving free advertising at the same time.

When a restaurant is closed by health inspection, its reputation is automatically pinned on the Naughty List. And because inspection reports are public domain, your restaurant will be on the tube being declared as the harem for rats and germs. This happens in large cities in America because it gets peoples’ attention. It’s not enough to be shut down, but the local news will make a spectacle from your error too. This gives cause to believe it isn’t far-fetched for restaurants to scheme a free promotion with the local news broadcaster. Yet, we don’t want to think any restaurants would desire to ascend this incriminating lineup. At least because it feels so shameful. However, some establishments may have nothing to lose. The appeal of Breaking News “Your Restaurant on Dirty Dining” isn’t all that bad when considering several hundred thousand will then know Your Restaurant exists. So, why not?

Diners often ignore the dirtiness, but why?

One could easily imagine the possibility because of the era of network interconnectivity. The algorithms on our devices have intertwined everyone and every place we’ve visited. Suggestive materials and marketing content are now recommended to us in real-time. We know when someone checks in or reviews a business. We know immediately when Dirty Dining broadcasts another episode. Which also raises a question: why don’t people review more often? If the restaurant is so disgusting to shut down, why do regular diners not notice it? And if the evidence is that My Restaurant is substandard and poses a health risk, posting a negative review will do more good than harm in the long term. Reviewing a business is for the benefit of the greater good. We all could be more actively doing it.

How does Dirty Dining affect Las Vegas?

The Dirty Dining hotlist is a double-edged sword. Some restaurants could definitely go under if they hadn’t enough financial backing, while others would thrive after the fact. 

As consumers, we have many rights and privileges, like the right to review. Back in the day, restaurants had The Suggestion Box. Nowadays, the process is even more transparent and beneficial to us all. Head over to Yelp! and Google Map, and review the service. Realistically this is most helpful to the business. It could potentially aid them in making critical corrections to avoid being the target. 

restaurant pest control las vegasBecause Dirty Dining restaurant owners seem genuinely surprised by their failure to comply with health standards, we should give them the benefit of the doubt. But in this industry, ignorance is no excuse. For that reason, we did some digging and found some interesting things. For example, the two primary reasons food-service establishments get punished are contamination and temperature control. The most common cause of contamination is pest infestation. In this case, we recommend food-services acquire pest prevention all year round, every year. The price of commercial pest control services with Pest Pros costs less than your average mobile phone bill. On the other hand, regular pest control maintenance for restaurants and various commercial establishments could save reputation, time, and money. 

How the public can help.

It’s unreal how serious the local news can be about restaurant failures to meet health inspection standards. Having viewed so many instances, it feels like a game. Kick them when they’re licking their wounds and humiliate them into submission. Since they’ve not been shamed enough, Dirty Dining broadcasters will go the extra mile. Not to discredit their effort because evidence suggests that the methodology does make a real impact. It seemingly motivates establishments to make everything clean and splendid again when the spotlight is on. The result is every restaurant really gets its act together afterward. It’s a miracle in disguise. The second follow-up inspection report always reveals it. 

restaurants and commercial property pest management las vegasOutbreaks of foodborne diseases are recurrent public health calamities, costing human lives. Therefore, it is not morally acceptable to serve contaminated foods to patrons. That much we all know. Restaurant owners must be held accountable for neglecting health codes and food safety. As regular patrons of the establishment, we should make it an effort to help by being more informative. We have the power in our pockets. Writing a review gives restaurants a chance to improve before the situation becomes a scandal. We are all business owners or employees of someone whose establishment should be kept accountable for the health and safety of its domain. This is not only for restaurants but also for institutions like schools and offices. To help these establishments shape up and clean up, patrons can be more purposeful when reviewing on Google and Yelp! Negative reviews are more impactful than we realize because the owners are made aware. With that in mind, let’s keep them honest by keeping it real with the stars we give and the words we print. Click the Review button! 

One solution is Pest Control.

By speaking up, patrons can raise awareness and allow the restaurant to clean up its act. That’s quite honorable, to be honest. Now we understand the causes and consequences of Dirty Dining, let’s be more proactive and take steps to help our favorite restaurants avoid it. Together we can uplift the reputation of our favorite Eats, and help protect health and safety of the public. 

At Pest Pros, we are licensed and insured to exterminate and prevent pest infestations for restaurants and commercial properties. Better still, we implement food-safe pest control methods specifically designed for bars, cafes, and all types of eateries. Pest Pros offers affordable Commercial Pest Control services that help keep restaurants in compliance with the health code and free from hazards posed by pests. Contact us for a free consultation and a quote. 

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    • Kitchenware & FCS of equipment, properly washed, rinsed, sanitized & air-dried. Sanitation solution as required.

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